Our Story


Dustin and Chris are two friends who met in the US Marine Corps who share a love for bourbon, craft beer, and German Shepherds. After following similar paths obtaining their MBA’s and a shared entrepreneurial drive, the two decided they wanted to start a business together. Dustin brought the idea of starting a company aimed at veterans and Old Fashioned drinkers to benefit combat wounded veterans with the sale of our products, cocktail smokers and woods fuels. The name was thus born: “Smoked Fashion Co.” 

Over the next couple months Dustin and Chris did a lot of brain storming, building out prototypes, and completed a lot of experimenting (and taste testing of course). They found that the wood fuels that they created enhance the flavor in all kinds of drinks to include cocktails, red wines, and dark beers. 

The Smoked Fashion Co. vision was then formed. We would be a company who features the best bartenders’ smoked drink recipes and provide premium tools to make the best smoked cocktails ever indulged. We would then dedicate a percentage of our sales to wounded veterans organizations and most importantly have fun growing it and supporting those who we served beside. 

When you buy from us, you are supporting a Veteran Owned Company and combat wounded veterans across America. Thank you for your support!