Created and Crafted by Enthusiasts!

Born from a Passion for Quality Smoked Cocktails.

Conceptualized in 2019 and founded in 2021 by 2 friends who met while serving in the Marines. They had an idea and started working on it immediately! Creating and working from the kitchen table to bring the dream to life! Playing with ideas, prototypes, and different wood fuels, they found a winning combination! They started smoking cocktails, red wines, and dark beers to enhance the flavor and experience.

Now, people all over the world have started to use our top to smoke more things like desserts, sodas, and so much more, creating an incredible adventure and unforgettable experience! Your imagination is the only limitation to creating fun and exciting ways to use our product.

The company transitioned in 2024 and was purchased by one of their friends that would uphold the standards and quality of the Smoked Fashioned Co. Bringing in fresh ideas and creative thinking, we will continue to focus on customer service and satisfaction, quality, top of line product offerings, and so much more to continue to grow and expand to the next level of this adventure and journey as a company.

We aim to provide premium products and tools to create, enhance, and deliver the best experience! We support many charitable causes with some of our company's proceeds, including but not limited to veterans, animal shelters, ocean restoration projects, children's organizations, and many more!

We are incredibly grateful for your support! We know you have an option of where and who you support. We do not take that lightly. From the bottom of our entire team's hearts.

Thank You!