7 Winter-Warming Smoked Cocktails to Try This Season

7 Winter-Warming Smoked Cocktails to Try This Season

As the cold air sets in and the nights grow longer, there's nothing quite like a warming smoked cocktail to lift your spirits. At Smoked Fashioned, we understand the art of crafting the perfect winter beverage. Here's a curated list of seven smoked cocktails that will keep you cozy and content through the winter months.

1. Smoky Cinnamon Old Fashioned

Smoked Old Fashioned

A twist on the classic old-fashioned recipe, this cocktail combines the warmth of cinnamon with the rich, deep flavors of bourbon. The key to this drink is the perfect balance of spirit, sugar, and bitters, with a hint of smoked cinnamon to add an extra layer of complexity. This drink embraces the traditional old-fashioned ingredients and elevates them for the winter season.

2. Maple Wood Smoked Whiskey Sour

whisky sour

This delightful whiskey sour variation introduces a hint of maple wood smoke. The sweet and sour combination, enhanced by the smoky aroma, creates a cocktail experience like no other. It's a testament to the versatility of old-fashioned ingredients, proving that classics can always be reinvented.

3. Winter Spice Smoked Manhattan


Manhattan lovers will appreciate this winter version, featuring a mix of rye whiskey and sweet vermouth with a dash of Angostura bitters. The drink is smoked with a blend of winter spices, bringing out a festive aroma that beautifully complements the rye's spiciness.

4. Applewood Smoked Negroni

smoked negroni

A bold choice for winter, this smoked negroni uses the traditional mix of gin, vermouth, and Campari. Adding applewood smoke infuses the drink with a subtle, fruity undertone, perfect for those chilly evenings.

5. Cherry Wood Smoked Boulevardier

smoked boulevardier

Combining bourbon, Campari, and sweet vermouth, the Boulevardier is a classic cocktail that's ideal for smoking. The cherry wood smoke adds a sweet, deep flavor that balances the bitterness of Campari, making it a perfect winter warmer.

6. Hickory Smoked Martini

smoked martini

This recipe uses hickory smoke to add depth to the gin and dry vermouth mix for a smoky twist on the martini. The smokiness accentuates the botanicals in the gin, creating a sophisticated and warming cocktail.

7. Oak-Smoked Rusty Nail

smoked rusty nail

This cocktail blends Scotch whisky and Drambuie, smoked with oak to bring out the vanilla and honey flavors. The oak smoke complements the Scotch's natural flavors, making it a luxurious and comforting winter drink.

Each of these cocktails are designed to offer a unique taste experience, marrying classic ingredients with the art of smoke infusion. The process of smoking these cocktails is straightforward and can be done using our advanced cocktail smoker kit. This kit lets you easily infuse your drinks with various wood chip flavors, transforming your home bar into a winter cocktail haven.

Remember, the key to a perfect smoked cocktail lies in the harmony of its components. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a beginner, these recipes are designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to create professional-level smoked cocktails in the comfort of your home.

For those new to the world of smoked cocktails, our website offers detailed guides on making old-fashioned and other classic drinks. These guides provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring that even the most intricate recipes are accessible to all.

In conclusion, embrace the chill this winter with these seven smoked cocktails. Each recipe offers a unique blend of flavors, perfect for warming up your evenings and impressing your guests. And for all your smoked cocktail needs, remember, Smoked Fashioned has you covered. From our top-of-the-line smoker kits to a vast selection of wood chips and mixology tools, we provide everything you need to explore the world of smoked cocktails.

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