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The Forever Cocktail Smoker Kit...

Is the original and most innovative smoked cocktail-making kit. Our main goal is for you to be able to make bar-style cocktails at home on a regular basis. Begin by adding an instant smoke effect to your favorite cocktails, which will improve not only their taste but also their smell. The premium-quality wood chips are easy to light and produce just the right amount of smoke to enhance the flavor of your next cocktail. When your drinks are smoked, they will reveal their hidden flavors!

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FREE Stainless Steel FOREVER Insert worth $20
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You may be wondering... how does this smoker kit work? 

Upgrading your next cocktail is simple:

What's included in the kit?

  • The Smoked Fashioned Top
    (Will last forever when used with our Stainless Steel Insert)
  • The Smoked Fashioned Top
    (The only smoking top which will last forever.)
  • Our Flavored 5-pack Wood Chips
  • Premium Jet Torch 
  • 5-Pack Screens (For the smoker top)
  • One (1) canister of Butane 
  • VIP Gift Box
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SEASONAL OFFER: $25 OFF + FREE Stainless Steel 'Forever Insert' + FREE USA Shipping

Some Cocktail Inspiration:



Flavors included in the kit: 



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FREE Stainless Steel FOREVER Insert (Patent Pending) worth $20
Satisfaction Guaranteed
FREE USA Shipping

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Smoked Fashioned Co. was formed by two great friends, Dustin and Chris, who met in the US Marine Corps and shared a love for smoked old-fashioned cocktails and entrepreneurship. They wanted to create a company that focused on high-quality cocktail products while making a positive impact on the veteran community. With every order, a portion of our profits are donated to disabled veteran organizations and initiatives to help fund programs and raise awareness about veteran mental health and suicide prevention.
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